A carefully prepared infusion of only the finest botanicals the world has to offer.


Hibiscus Flower

(Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)

Berry-like in taste with a tarte sharpness. Once an offering to the gods, this majestic flower is still thought to contain magical healing powers.


Orange blossom honey

(Citrus sinensis mellifera)

Highly prized for it’s delicate citrus profile and floral notes. Produced by placing beehives in citrus groves during blooming period. Fallen blossoms are often dried and used to make tea.


Citrus zests

(Citrus limon sinensis)

Bold, sweet and fragrant, with a bitter twist. British sailors were given a ration of citrus fruits on long voyages to prevent the onset of scurvy, hence the British nickname of Limey.


Root ginger

(Zingiber officinale Roscoe)

Unmistakable spiced aromatic, warmth and bite. Considered the original tonic root in ancient China and brought to Europe via India as a part of the lucrative spice trade.